What is the Job Transition Tool and how can I use it?

The Job Transition Tool allows you to find occupations you could transition to based on your current skillset and gives you an estimate of how long it could take to transition. To use the tool, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Job Transition Tool
    2. Enter an occupation you're qualified for or related keywords, and select it form the drop down menu
    3. Enter your ideal work location and select it from the drop down menu
    4. Click on the sorting option of your choice: "Duration of transition", "Wage", "Job prospects" or "Available jobs"
    5. Click on "Enter"

Your results will show on the "Recommended transitions" page which gives details about the occupations you could be transitioning to. 

  • Wage: low to high wages earned in this occupation, in this location, during the previous year.
  • Education requirements: minimum level of education required for the suggested occupation.
  • Job prospects: projected labour demand and supply for this occupation, in the location that was selected, over the next 3 years. It uses a five-star scale: 1 star represents very limited job prospects, and 5 stars represents very good job prospects.
  • Duration of transition: estimated amount of time needed to complete the training or education required for the suggested occupation. There are two types of transition: "less than 15 months" and "more than 16 months". Depending on the transition "more than 16 months" may refer to a few years of study.
  • Available job postings: number of job postings that are currently published on Job Bank which are related to the suggested transition, in the location you selected.
  • Learn more: provides a detailed description of the occupation, job prospects, educational requirements, median wage for this occupation, and competency requirements.


Note: New job transitions are added regularly. If your occupation doesn't appear in the search field, you can enter similar keywords, or try again later.

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