Skills Sewing Machine Operators Supervisor near Toronto (ON)

Find out what skills you typically need to work as a sewing machine operators supervisor in Canada. These skills are applicable to all Supervisors, textile, fabric, fur and leather products processing and manufacturing (NOC 92015).


  • Co-ordinate work activities with other departments
  • Establish methods to meet work schedules
  • Establish work schedules
  • Prepare production and other reports
  • Recommend measures to improve productivity and product quality
  • Recommend personnel actions such as hiring and promotions
  • Requisition or order materials, equipment and supplies
  • Set up machines and equipment
  • Supervise, co-ordinate and schedule (and possibly review) activities of workers
  • Train staff/workers in job duties, safety procedures and company policies

Skills and Knowledge Checklist

The following skills and knowledge are usually required in this occupation.


Operating and Repairing Equipment, Machinery and Vehicles Help - Operating and Repairing Equipment, Machinery and Vehicles
  • Mechanical Installing, Maintaining and Repairing
Communication Help - Communication
  • Teaching and Training
  • Liaising and Networking
  • Negotiating and Adjudicating
Information Handling Help - Information Handling
  • Processing Information
Analysis Help - Analysis
  • Analyzing Information
  • Examining and Diagnosing
  • Projecting Outcomes
Management Help - Management
  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Co-ordinating and Organizing
  • Evaluating


Manufacturing and Production Help - Manufacturing and Production
  • Processing and Production
Business, Finance and Management Help - Business, Finance and Management
  • Personnel and Human Resources
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