Skills Labourer - Food And Beverage Processing near Vancouver (BC)

Find out what skills you typically need to work as a labourer - food and beverage processing in Canada. These skills are applicable to all Labourers in food and beverage processing (NOC 95106).


  • Food safety/handling skills
  • Transport raw materials, finished products and packaging materials
  • Measure and dump ingredients into hoppers of mixing and grinding machines
  • Feed flattened boxes into forming machines to construct containers
  • Provide customer service
  • Remove filled containers from conveyors
  • Manually pack goods into bags and boxes or other containers
  • Feed and unload processing machines
  • Check products and packaging for basic quality defects
  • Assist process control and machine operators in performing their duties
  • Clean machines and immediate work areas

Skills and Knowledge Checklist

The following skills and knowledge are usually required in this occupation.


Handling Goods and Materials Help - Handling Goods and Materials
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Sorting
Operating and Repairing Equipment, Machinery and Vehicles Help - Operating and Repairing Equipment, Machinery and Vehicles
  • Operating Stationary Industrial Equipment
  • Operating Mobile Equipment
Service and Care Help - Service and Care
  • Cleaning and House/Shop Keeping


Manufacturing and Production Help - Manufacturing and Production
  • Food Production and Agriculture
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