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Explore current and future job prospects for Mine labourers near La Loche (SK). These trends also apply to people working as a mine labourer.

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We were not able to determine labour market conditions in this region over the past few years because of low employment levels in this occupational group.

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An employment outlook has not been assigned to this occupation in this region due to low levels of employment.

Saskatchewan's soft economy is partly due to a slump in uranium mining. In 2018 Cameco permanently laid off approximately 700 employees and there are no signs things will improve in the near future. Cameco executives have told community leader not to expect any mines re-opening until at least 2021.

The potash industry has also had its setbacks recently. In August 2019, Mosaic reported a $233 million loss in the second quarter of 2019. As a result, the company laid off approximately 350 workers at their Colonsay potash mine. The other potash companies struggled as well. Nutrien announced temporary layoffs of up to 750 workers at three of their mines: Allan, Lanigan, and Vanscoy. K+S decided to cut back production but was able to avoid laying off employees.

The future of the potash industry in Saskatchewan is unknown at this time. The Australian-based mining giant BHP Billiton Ltd is looking at a potential $17 billion potash project east of Saskatoon. BHP is giving itself until February 2021 to decide whether to proceed. If they do, the Jansen mine would add about 4.4 million tonnes of potash per year to the market, potentially enough to drive down potash prices, negatively affecting the other potash mining companies operating in Saskatchewan.

The Government of Saskatchewan has reached a deal with the federal government to shut down most of its coal-fired power plants by 2030. The agreement allows Boundary Dam 4 to remain open until the end of 2021 and Boundary Dam 5 to the end of 2024. With the phasing out of coal mines, communities like Coronach and Estevan will require help with the transitioning.

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