Job description Concrete Finisher in the Hamilton–Niagara Peninsula Region

Find out what work is like for a concrete finisher in Canada. This work description is applicable to all Concrete finishers (NOC 73100).

Concrete finishers


Concrete finishers smooth and finish freshly poured concrete, apply curing or surface treatments and install, maintain and restore various masonry structures such as foundations, floors, ceilings, sidewalks, roads, patios and highrise buildings. They are employed by construction companies, cement and concrete contractors and manufacturers of precast concrete products, or they may be self-employed. Apprentices are also included in this unit group.

Work week duration

Concrete finishers usually work between 35 to 40 hours per week.
Between 35 to 40 hours

Job duties

Here are some of the main activities and tasks that Concrete finishers have to perform, and some of the physical demands they involve:

  • Check formwork, granular base and steel reinforcement materials and direct placement of concrete into forms or onto surfaces according to grade
  • Fill hollows and remove high spots to smooth freshly poured concrete
  • Operate power vibrator to compact concrete
  • Level top surface of concrete according to grade and depth specifications using straightedge or float
  • Impart desired finish to concrete surfaces using hand and power tools
  • Install anchor bolts, steel plates, door sills and other fixtures in freshly poured concrete
  • Apply hardening and sealing compounds to cure surface of concrete
  • Waterproof, damp-proof and restore concrete surfaces
  • Repair, resurface and replace worn or damaged sections of floors, walls, roads and other concrete structures.

Physical demands Help - Physical Demands

  • Handling material manually
  • Standing
  • Bending or twisting the body
  • Making repetitive motions
  • Keeping or regaining balance
  • Walking and running

Workplaces and employers

Here are the typical workplaces where Concrete finishers are employed and some of their main characteristics:

  • Manufacturers of precast concrete products
  • Construction companies
  • Self-employed
  • Cement and concrete contractors

Work environment Help - Physical Work Environment

  • Standard safety equipment
  • Dangerous chemical substances
  • Hazardous equipment, machinery, tools
  • Sound and noise
  • Outside, exposed to weather
  • High places
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Vibration
  • Outside, under cover

Physical proximity from others Help - Physical proximity from others

  • Close (at arm’s length)

Related job titles

Here are some other related job titles that are found in the same occupational category (NOC 73100), and a list of similar occupations:

  • cement finisher apprentice
  • cement mason
  • concrete finisher
  • concrete mason
  • precast concrete finisher

Similar occupations Help - Similar occupations

Sources Occupational and Skills Information System & National Occupational Classification

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