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Find out what work is like for an ironworker in Canada. This work description is applicable to all Ironworkers (NOC 72105).



Ironworkers fabricate, erect, hoist, install, repair and service structural ironwork, precast concrete, concrete reinforcing materials, curtain walls, ornamental iron and other metals used in the construction of buildings, bridges, highways, dams and other structures and equipment. They are employed by construction ironwork contractors. Apprentices are also included in this unit group.

Job duties

  • Read blueprints and specifications to lay out work
  • Unload and position steel units so each piece can be hoisted as needed
  • Erect and install scaffolding, hoisting equipment and rigging
  • Signal crane operator to position steel units according to blueprints
  • Align and weld or bolt steel units in place
  • Erect structural and architectural precast concrete components for buildings, bridges, towers and other structures
  • Assemble and erect prefabricated metal structures
  • Position and secure steel bars or metal mesh in concrete forms to reinforce concrete structures
  • Install ornamental and other structural metalwork such as curtain walls, metal stairways, railings and power doors
  • Examine structures and equipment for deterioration, defects or non-compliance with specifications
  • May dismantle structures and equipment.

Job titles

  • ironworker
  • ironworker apprentice
  • ironworker - metal building systems erector
  • ornamental ironworker
  • reinforcing ironworker
  • structural steel erector

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