Job description Gas Appliance Repairer - Customer Service near Toronto (ON)

Find out what work is like for a gas appliance repairer - customer service in Canada. This work description is applicable to all Appliance servicers and repairers (NOC 7332).

Appliance servicers and repairers


Appliance servicers and repairers service and repair domestic and commercial appliances. They are employed by repair shops, appliance service companies and repair departments of retail and wholesale establishments, or they may be self-employed.

Job duties

  • This group performs some or all of the following duties:
  • Small electrical appliance servicers and repairers
  • Repair small electrical appliances, such as lawn and garden equipment and power tools
  • Consult customer or refer to work order to establish nature of the appliance malfunction
  • Observe operation of appliance and conduct voltage, resistance and other tests using electrical test equipment
  • Refer to schematic drawings or product manuals and replace or repair parts or components using hand tools and soldering equipment
  • Prepare estimates and written accounts of work performed.
  • Major appliance repairers/technicians
  • Repair major electrical or gas appliances, such as domestic and commercial dishwashing equipment, stoves, laundry equipment and refrigerators in customer's home, in customer's place of business or in repair shop
  • Consult customer or refer to work order to establish nature of the appliance malfunction
  • Diagnose faults by checking controls, condensers, timer sequences, fans and other components using test equipment such as meters and gauges to measure resistance, current, voltage, pressure, temperature, flue gases and flow rates
  • Refer to schematic diagrams or product manuals and disassemble appliance using hand tools
  • Use shop equipment and specialized diagnostic and programming apparatus to repair, adjust and reprogram appliances
  • Replace components and subcomponents and reassemble appliance using hand tools and soldering and brazing equipment
  • Prepare estimates and written accounts of work performed
  • May plan service routes.

Job titles

  • appliance service technician apprentice
  • dishwasher repairer
  • refrigerator repairer
  • service technician - electrical appliances
  • vacuum cleaner repairer
  • stove repairer
  • washing machine servicer
  • appliance service technician
  • appliance servicer
  • window air conditioner repairer
  • service technician - gas appliances
  • commercial foodservice appliance technician
  • commercial laundry appliance technician

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