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Find out what work is like for an insulator in Canada. This work description is applicable to all Insulators (NOC 7293).



Insulators apply insulation materials to plumbing, air-handling, heating, cooling and refrigeration systems, piping equipment and pressure vessels, and walls, floors and ceilings of buildings and other structures, to prevent or reduce the passage of heat, cold, sound or fire. They are employed by construction companies and insulation contractors, or they may be self-employed.

Job duties

  • This group performs some or all of the following duties:
  • Read and interpret drawings and specifications to determine insulation requirements and select type of insulation required
  • Measure and cut insulating material to required dimensions using hand and power tools
  • Apply and secure insulation using spraying, blowing, pasting, strapping, taping and other application and installation methods
  • Fit insulation around obstructions and between studs and joists
  • Install vapour barriers
  • Apply waterproofing cement over insulating materials to finish surfaces
  • Remove asbestos or urea-formaldehyde insulation from buildings when required.

Job titles

  • insulator apprentice
  • boiler and pipe insulator
  • building insulator
  • firestopping insulator
  • heat and frost insulator
  • insulation applicator
  • insulation mechanic
  • insulator
  • sound insulator

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